One-to-One iPad Program

Our iPad Program officially began in the 2013-14 school year for students. Prior to this our teachers used the iPad for a year. We added a grade each year and beginning in 2015, all of our middle school students are 1:1. We work with Bishop Verot Catholic high school that many of our students attend as they are also 1:1 by preparing our students for high school and beyond.
St Francis Xavier Catholic School is dedicated to providing students with opportunities for lifelong learning and leadership, teaching skills for college and values for life. To accomplish these goals, devices such as the iPad offer our students many advantages:

  • Ability to differentiate instruction and increase student engagement in a variety of situations;
  • Access to mobile computing power for engaging in the type of high-quality, data-intensive work our society demands;
  • Access to social media so that students are creators of, and not just consumers of, the intellectual conversations of our age;
  • Access to local storage of online books, databases, textbooks and multimedia files so they can carry their studies with them in a variety of engaging formats;
  • A personalized computing device that ensures equitable access as well as options for personal customization, integration and responsibility.
  • Enrichment of the curriculum through the use of digital resources;