Updates for Ipads

Latest Updates for iPads

Updated 7/28/2017

Current Software Update: iOS 10.3.3 for all models of the iPad

iPad Info for Parents

We offer this information so parents will know more about their child's use of the iPad as a learning tool, become familiar with some of the apps, and find helpful hints for assisting their child with educational technology. Please contact Mr. Bedford with any questions or for further information: admin@stfrancisfortmyers.org or 239-334-7707 x 242. Thank you!

Google Drive: This is a place to store documents, replacing the old flash drive that students used to carry around for storage. The benefit is that Google Drive allows students to store documents in the cloud so they're accessible from any computer or device connected to the internet.

As a parent, you can log into your childs account and see the work that he or she has stored there. At school wehave taught the students how to set up and organize documents, and parents may want to reinforce this learning at home by asking their child to explain this procedure.

Google Drive is also where students share their folders with their teachers. When studentsput assignments or other documents there, the teacher can access,grade, and return them. Students can complete and submit assignments without having to “turn them in" as paper copies.

For more information on how Google Drive works, please ask your child or Google it.

Calendars:  Please check your calendar using Canvas for assignments.

Notability:   This is the primary app that the students use for taking notes. They can type and “write with their finger or stylus”, highlight, organize their notes into classes and export work   to the teachers or to their Google Drive for storage. There is a Help guide always available on the app to provide more information. Just click on the "?" button on the Notabilityhome page.

Laudate:  Thisis a Catholic app with many faith-based features like the readings and saint of the day, prayers, interactive rosary, Bible, etc.

Instagrok:  Students and teachers use this app for concept mapping, i.e., for Science Fair---  identifying some sources of topic information and reinforcing key vocabulary words.

Flashcardlet:  This app allows the user to create flashcards as study aids.

Docscan HD:  This app is great for taking pictures of documents and may be used to “scan” a worksheet or page from a book.

Nearpod:  Teachers use this app for presentations to enable all of the students to see the same screen, at the same time, on their iPads.

Khan Academy:  The "virtual teacher" on this great app or website explains many basic and advanced concepts in math and other subjects. Helpful for reinforcing learned concepts or exploringnew ones.

Weatherbug:  Tracks local weather and contains a lightning detector component

iBooks:  This is where students' textbooks are stored.

Showbie:  Manyof the teachers use this app to share homework and other documents with their students. The teacher gives the class a code that students use to submit work; the teacher then provides feedback directly onto student documents and places the document right back into Showbie. When first opened, this app has a Help component; look for the "?"  in the bottom right corner.

Other helpful hints:  Itis always good to restart the iPad by holding the power button down fora few seconds until the power-down button appears. If the wi-fi is not working, try going to "Settings", click on the "i" button and "Forget This Network", and re-enter the password after the iPad tries to join the network.

Again, please dont hesitate to contact Mr. Bedford at admin@stfrancisfortmyers.org with any questions or concerns, as most of these issues can be resolved quickly. Thank you!