Falcon Athletics

Falcon Athletics

Falcon Athletics

St. Francis Xavier Catholic School student cross country

Falcon athletics provides opportunities for our Fort Myers and Southwest Florida students to get active in a safe, fun, and positive environment!

Playing on a team sport is beneficial in many ways as it helps to improve a player’s physical fitness, character development, and socialization skills.

Our athletic programs foster teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, and respect for opponents and officials. While contests are quite competitive, sportsmanship and good behavior are always our highest priority.

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(Girls and Boys Grades 5-8)

Falcon basketball is not just a sport, it’s a team. Students learn hand-eye coordination through dribbling, passing, and shooting the ball down the court, while also learning to play cohesively as a group. Basketball is a terrific way to get students active outside of class!

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Coed Tennis

(Grades 5-8)

Coed tennis is played with a maximum of two players on the court at one time, against another team. The goal is to smack the ball across a net using a tennis racket. The benefits of tennis range from better flexibility to speed, physical exercise, and positive teamwork.

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Cross Country

(Girls and Boys Grades K-8)

For students who are looking to get active outdoors, the Falcon Cross Country Running team may be right for you! Race against other boys and girls in your age group across natural, open-air courses. Runners can choose to compete as a team, individually, or both.

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Flag Football

(Boys Grades 6-8)

Flag Football is a safe and fun way for students to experience American Football. Where, instead of tackling others to the ground, players remove flags from the opposing teams’ belts. This is a fantastic way to teach students about teamwork in a positive environment!

St. Francis Xavier Catholic School student playing soccer


(Boys and Girls Grades 5-8)

The SFX Golf program continues to grow every year with our 5th through 8th graders.  Our coaches are both great golfers, spending time as golf pros during their careers.  We play a competitive schedule against some of the other private schools in Lee and Collier counties.

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(Boys and Girls Grades 5-8)

Lacrosse is a contact sport that inspires teamwork, physical creativity, and hand-eye coordination. Played with a lacrosse stick and ball, players work together to carry, pass, and shoot the ball into their assigned goal. Get outside, get active, and get playing!

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(Boys and Girls Grades 5-8)

Soccer is played between two teams, where the ball is kicked down the field and into a goal without being touched by hands or arms. This team sport teaches players valuable life skills such as sportsmanship, decision-making, communication, and hard work.

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(Girls Grades 5-8)

Falcon volleyball is a great social activity that promotes hand-eye coordination, fast reflexes, and good balance. This thrilling sport is played with two teams, separated by a net. Players hit the ball to each other and across the net, scoring points when the ball is grounded.

St. Francis Xavier Catholic School students playing basketball