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Health and Medical Forms

Health and Medical Forms

Medical Authorization for Minor

Request for Medical Procedure at School Affidavit, Medical Release of Liability & Idemnification

Sport Forms

Sports/Extracurricular Forms

Extra-Curricular Eligibility Contract

Preparticipation Physical Evaluation

volunteer forms

Volunteer Forms

We invite parents and grandparents of current students, as well as individuals with a previous connection to the school, to participate in volunteer roles.

Parents Must Fill Out All 4 Forms to be Eligible

School Volunteer Application

Policy and Procedural Guidelines for Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults

Code of Conduct for Volunteers Working with Minors

Attestation of Good Moral Character

St. Francis Xavier Catholic School students in church

Rainbows For All God’s Children

Rainbows For All God’s Children

85th Anniversary Annual Gala

Sapphire 85th Anniversary Gala

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